Our Values

Life Transformation

Life Church values life development for every Christian. Every believer is to develop into Know-Grow-Go Followers of Jesus Christ. Life development means that all Christians are disciples and should actively pursue spiritual growth. Every disciple is to yield himself or herself to the leadership of Jesus Christ. Whole-hearted commitment to Jesus Christ is not only the biblical norm for the believer, but anything less falls short of God's ideal. Disciples are to demonstrate a lifestyle of Christ-likeness in their attitudes and actions, which involves living out the Christian faith in every area of life.


Life Church values authenticity. No false fronts are necessary. The goal is to create an environment where people can be themselves and not have to pretend to be someone they are not. People can come as they are outside and inside. The church is to be a kaleidoscope where different gifts, personalities, passions, and interests all shine brightly and are all valued. No "cookie-cutters" are needed. Valuing authenticity also includes the freedom to fail. No one is faultless, so perfection is not a requirement. Rather, what is needed is a genuine honest approach to life that strives for Christian growth but admits failure along the way.

Keeping Relevant

Life Church values relevance. The truth of God never changes, but that the culture in which the truth is communicated and applied is ever changing. Therefore, understanding the culture and ministering the truth of God's Word in the most effective way possible is essential. To do this, the worship services are upbeat, relevant, ordered, and contemporary. More concern is given to effectiveness than with adherence to tradition. Creativity, innovation, flexibility, and adaptability are all encouraged. The church must be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure resulting in a message that is not transformed, but translated.

Evangelism, Church Growth, and Missions

Life Church values evangelism, growth, and missions. Jesus said that he came to seek and save those who are spiritually lost. He also said that just as the Father had sent him, he was sending his followers. He commissioned Christians to reach out and make disciples of all nations. Consequently, Life Church strives to be a mission base that reaches out through missions and church starting endeavors to all the peoples of the world, especially Unreached People Groups (UPG). All healthy life grows, so if the church is to be healthy, it too must grow. Therefore, priority is given to ministry efforts that will grow the church and extend the kingdom of God. When a choice must be made between serving the needs on the inside or reaching outside to others, Life Church is committed in advance toward ministry to those outside the church.

Lay Ministry

Life Church values lay ministry. There is no distinction between the clergy and the laity. Everyday lay people are part of the body of Jesus Christ and have been uniquely created to serve God. This divine design involves spiritual giftedness, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences. It is the responsibility of the church to train, encourage, and actively help members find the place where God has designed them to serve both inside and outside of the church. At Life Church, every member is a minister.

Investing in Relationships

Life Church values authentic relationships. Life-change happens best in small groups. Therefore, Life Church is committed to small groups as the best way of building relationships, stimulating spiritual growth, caring for needs, and developing leaders. Loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life. Because relationships with friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and others are the most effective means of sharing the life-impacting love and hope of Jesus Christ, members are encouraged to maintain friendships with unchurched people.

Non-Churched People

Life Church values unchurched people who are not experiencing a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and desires to reach the numerous unchurched young adults in the greater northwest Austin area. Because they are important to God, they are equally important to Life Church. Time, energy, and resources should be devoted to pursuing those out of fellowship with God as Jesus Christ did when he was on earth. This outward focus is woven into everything that the church does. Outreach orientation requires meeting people as they are and where they are. The goal is to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple, practical, and easy-to-understand manner in order to create a "safe place" where unchurched people can hear the challenging Christian message in a manner that connects with their everyday life.


Life Church values excellence. God desires the best that his followers have to offer. Excellence honors God and inspires people. Believers are to do their best because, ultimately, they are not just serving other people, but God, himself. Therefore, in all facets of ministry at Life Church, members will seek to maintain a high standard of excellence and professionalism in order to bring glory to God. Offering God the best also includes giving him the best of the believer's time, talents, and treasures.


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Upcoming Events

Mar 29 6:30p
Financial Peace University
This class will help you get your finances in order and learn things like how to get out of debt, live by a budget, and save for retirement. Contact: Mike Kaply (mike@kaply.com) or use KEYWORD: FPU on your Connection Card. Location: Element Building. Length: 9 Sessions
Apr 02 1p
Women's Kairos Prison Ministry Information Meeting
We are going to the Hobby Unit in Marlin, TX to minister to women on September 27-30. If you would like to attend this meeting or like more information contact Elaine (admin@yourlifechurch.org).
Apr 05 6:30p
Austin Disaster Relief Network Training
Whether it’s an entire community devastated by flooding or a family in your Life Group facing its own personal disaster, Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) can teach you the skills needed to respond immediately and offer longer term care. Training is available at no cost. For more information contact Tim (tim.schlung@yourlifechurch.org).
Apr 05 6:30p
Financial Peace University
This class will help you get your finances in order and learn things like how to get out of debt, live by a budget, and save for retirement. Contact: Mike Kaply (mike@kaply.com) or use KEYWORD: FPU on your Connection Card. Location: Element Building. Length: 9 Sessions
Apr 07 9:30a
In a Mom2Mom group, you experience authentic community, mothering support, personal growth and spiritual hope. Moms get together to share food, laugh and hear inspiring speakers. While moms are in a Mom2Mom meeting, their children are lovingly cared for by experienced childcare providers. For more information and to register, contact Lynsey Surrell (lynseysurrell@att.net)
Apr 08 9a
Beautiful is our women's ministry at Life Church. We create a positive environment where we encourage one another in our faith, enrich ourselves through God's word, and establish meaningful relationships with other women, which empower us to do all that God has called us to do, together. Please email beautiful@yourlifechurch.org for more information.
Apr 09 1p
This year Life Church is partnering with the city of Leander by helping out with their Egg-Stravaganza event, held at Benbrook Ranch Park. We will be providing games, bounce houses & slides, & a petting zoo. This is a great opportunity to serve our city and reach our community. We need many volunteers to make this happen! If you would like to serve, contact Christy (christy.morley@yourlifechurch.org)
Apr 15 7:30a
C-6 Men's Ministry
Contact Tony Rourke for more information (c6mensministry@yourlifechurch.org)
Apr 16 All day
Easter Worship Services
We have 4 services at Easter: 8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am, & 1:00pm. Pre-registration is available for your kids! Contact Elaine (admin@yourlifechurch.org)
May 03 6:30p
Parent & Child Dedication Class
We will be having a Parent & Child Dedication on Sunday, May 14 (Mother's Day). If you are interested in dedicating your child or learning more about it, attend this class. For more information or to register contact Christy Morley: (christy.morley@yourlifechurch.org). Location : Room 106 Length: 1 Session