COVID-19 Updates


Social distancing does not mean social isolation. Never before has it been more important to connect with others in community. Virtual groups allow you connect with others in relationship and through Scripture for encouragement and support.

What is a Virtual Life Group?

Virtual Life Groups are groups that meet online through the Zoom Video Platform.

How do I start an online group with friends?

STEP ONE: Grab a group of friends.

STEP TWO: Set up the free Zoom app through your computer, phone, or tablet.

STEP THREE: Schedule a meeting and send invites to the group via e-mail or text. They will click the link, follow the prompts, and join the meetings.

STEP FOUR: The free version of Zoom allows 40-minute meetings. If you need to meet longer let the meeting time out and have everyone go back and click the original link you sent for the meeting. This will start a new 40-minute meeting.

STEP FIVE: For group content, use the Group Questions located under the Sunday Sermon Video or e-mail Contact Page for access to Right Now Media.

How do I get into an existing online Life Group?

STEP ONE: Fill out the Life Group Placement Form below.

STEP TWO: We will follow up with you.

Got Questions? Contact our Groups Pastor, Keith Abbot at Contact Page.

Life Group Placement Form

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