ADRN Basic Training

October 17, 2023 6:30 - 8:30pm

This engaging and interactive course is designed to introduce you to disaster response and preparedness in a friendly and accessible manner. Whether you’re a concerned citizen, an aspiring volunteer, or simply curious about how to make a difference during times of crisis, this course is your gateway to building the skills and knowledge necessary to support and empower communities in the face of adversity.

We’ll unlock the power of preparedness by delving into emergency planning and readiness. You’ll discover the art of crafting effective emergency response plans, developing communication strategies, and ensuring that essential resources and support are in place when disaster strikes. We’ll also discuss practical tips and techniques for personal and family preparedness, enabling you to protect your loved ones and yourself.

Throughout this course, we will blend engaging discussions, real-life scenarios, and hands-on activities to guide you on your journey toward becoming a capable and confident disaster responder. By the end, you’ll understand the essential concepts of disaster response and preparedness and discover your unique role in bringing hope into crisis.

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Please sign up for the class and childcare (seperate link) if needed.