As Followers of Christ, we are SENT to where we live, work/learn, & play.

How do we live a SENT Life?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

This is why we created SENT Life LAB, a practitioner-ship where we spend 9 months living SENT Lives together.

Easter is a holiday that caters to having community easter egg hunts. This can be a great way to connect with neighbors that have children. Try these SENT Life ideas where you live.

1. Host an Easter Egg Hunt in your Front Yard
Invite neighbors on your street, fill plastic eggs with candy, and have eggs that win prizes. Involve your kids and neighbors in the planning.

2. Host a Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
Organize a team of families through your neighborhood Facebook Page to plan and host the event. Make it a yearly tradition.

3. Attend an Easter Egg Hunt and Invite Someone
This is an easy and fun invite to families with kids. Use this to start or develop a relationship with a neighbor.

4. Egg Someone’s House
Print this SIGN on cardstock, hang it on a neighbor family’s door, and place twelve candy-filled eggs in their yard. Follow up with your kids a week later, share that you egged them, and introduce yourself.

5. Use this time to Connect – Be curious and ask questions. Listen to their story. When you get home, write down ways you can pray for them. If appropriate, reach out the following week for a follow-up connection (coffee, dinner invite, further conversation). Let the Spirit lead you.

Sent Life Living Ideas

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