Connecting With Refugees – Information Meeting

April 7 10:15 - 10:45 am  |  Life Church, Building A, Room A212

Many people groups of differing nationalities and ethnicities are moving to and around Leander and Cedar Park, to seek refuge from dire situations that they have experienced in their homeland. They have faced the trauma of extreme poverty, starvation, war, terrorism, and persecution.

Some of these individuals and families are our brothers and sisters in Christ, while others are not yet followers of Christ. All of them, regardless of their faith background, need to experience His love, and a sense of hope and welcome from their new community here in America.

Join us for an information meeting to learn how you can partner with Life Church, and an organization called “More than Welcome”, for the purpose of building long lasting, and mutually edifying friendships with refugees in our community, founded on the love of Christ.

When: Sunday April 7th, 10:15-10:45

Where: Room A212 (Room upstairs in Northeast corner of building A)