First Gift

November 28

Each year, Life Church takes a special Christmas offering called “First Gift”. It’s called this because we believe our First Gift, our highest priority gift of Christmas, should go to Jesus and what he cares about. This year we aim to raise $15,000 to divide between two ministries, one local and one global.

Our Global First Gift recipient is our sister church in Chambellan, Haiti. Haiti was recently hit by an earthquake and, as a result, faces widescale damage to property, crops, and livestock. Our gift will help our sister church to make structural repairs and improvements to their church building and school. They’ll also be able to use the money for food boxes and other assistance that they view as necessary.

Our Local First Gift recipient, ACTS of Love, is an organization that helps teen parents through Christ-based mentoring, and also offers them free childcare so they can afford the time to get an education and graduate from high school. When a teen parent is able to graduate high school, they are better equipped to enter the workforce and obtain well-paying jobs. Our donation will assist ACTS in expanding both the size and scope of their operations. It will also help them to furnish a new building and make up for funds lost during the pandemic.

If you’d like to give, you can give online through the app, or with one of the First Gift envelopes at the giving stations in the back of the auditorium. We hope you’ll prayerfully consider giving during this Christmas season.