Legacy Readers: April Book Discussion

April 30 12:00 - 1:30 pm  |  Life Church, Building A

Join Legacy Readers for our April Book: Take Heart by Matt Chandler
The Christian culture that has underpinned Western society for centuries has been eroded. We’re now at the point where to disagree with people on issues such as marriage and sexuality, is seen as hateful. Christians are no longer seen as honorable, but as bigots. But history testifies that the more people try to destroy Christianity, the more it grows. So we are entering an exciting period of time because we’re back in the place where Christ’s church can thrive – at the margins of society.
In this stirring, passionate book, Matt Chandler shows us we need Christian courage like never before, and how to live with compassion and conviction, able to look around positively and reach out confidently. A must-read for any Christian who wants to understand how to stand firm and walk forwards in an increasingly secular culture.
Legacy Readers is a group of individuals interested in learning more and deepening their faith and understanding through reading current books on faith. We select one book a month to read and discuss how the points apply, challenge, or disagree with where we sit and how we can use those to help in our own journey. The group discussion is held over lunch at the end of each month. You may attend and read any books you would like through-out the series. If you would like to get the list of books for each month, please email eventslegacylife@gmail.com