Oasis | Women’s Life

July 6 6:30 pm  |  Life Church

Join community and learn some new skills!

When: All four Tuesdays in July at 6:30pm

Where: Life Church

Classes and Prices are below!

Becoming Nourished
Come learn the basics of making simple dishes that taste great! We’ll explore a meal plan that uses vegetables as the star of the show, with grains and proteins as secondary stars and how to move toward a more nourishing lifestyle that is beneficial and biblical! Fee: $40 Limit: 10

Bible Illustrating
Need help understanding and engaging with God’s Word? Learn how to visually capture scripture so you can meditate on God’s Word and memorize text through a creative and fresh approach called bible illustrating/journaling. Fee: $40 Limit: none

Brush Lettering
Learn the tools and basics to hand lettering, adding connectors and writing words, putting phrases together, and a few advanced techniques! Fee: $40 Limit: 10

CPR/AED & First Aid PLUS Dance!
This is a combo class – we’ve paired up 2 weeks of CPR/AED & First Aid training/certification with 2 weeks of dance! Fee: $40 Limit: 8

DIY & Organizing
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where do I even start?” with organizing that closet or that room, this class is for you! You’ll learn where to start, what you need to buy (and what you don’t!), and how to make your space work for you! We’ll also make a couple of fun and simple DIY things for your home! Fee: $40 Limit: none

Situational Awareness & Self-Defense
Have you ever felt unsafe and wished you knew how to defend yourself? Come learn the basics and gain confidence through this practical and hands-on training. Fee $40 Limit: none

Skincare & Makeup 101
Come join us for a hands-on class where you’ll learn basic skincare routines, general makeup skills, and application techniques! Fee: $40 Limit: 10

Stamping Cards
Bring your inky ‘lil pinkies to this fun, hands-on class where you’ll make and take several cards home each week. You’ll learn how to express your creativity and basic card-making techniques. Fee: $40 Limit: 8

“The Well-Watered Woman” book discussion
Are you thirsty to know God better? Feeling parched in your quiet time with Him? Come learn tangible tools to know Jesus more and live a life that thoroughly enjoys Him, seeks Him, and follows Him into freedom. Fee $40 (book included) Limit: 10