(8-12 Grade)

Belong. Grow. Serve

Element exists to develop Gospel-Centered Students who live relationally UP, IN, and OUT. At Element, we are committed to providing an atmosphere that embraces young people in a relational way, so they can be known, belong, grow, and serve. We desire to see students discover who Jesus really is, own their faith, and live in a way that influences their community and culture for Christ.

Element Groups for 8th through 12th graders are meeting every Wednesday night from 7pm to 8:30pm.

Next Series
Next Series

This Sunday Element will begin a new series titled, The Upside Down Kingdom.  The way you live can turn the world upside down. The conversation around power and authority is tricky for teenagers who want to experience freedom and learn what a healthy relationship with authority means. In this series, we want teenagers to learn about authority and power from the best example there is: Jesus. In a world that is power hungry, Jesus demonstrated the way of the upside down kingdom by using His power to love.

Week 1 – 10/17/2021 Guest speaker, Greg Graham
Matthew 28:18
Jesus is the example of good authority.  Jesus turned the idea of power upside down.

Week 2 – 10/24/2021 Guest speaker, Jason Eichenauer
1 Samuel 24:3-4, 12-15
You can always choose to be honorable.  In the upside down kingdom, honor is  greater than power.

Week 3 – 10/31/2021 Guest speaker, Joe Bob Ellison
Matthew 22:36-40; 2 Timothy 1:7
Authority without love is reckless.  In the upside down kingdom, power is for lifting up, not tearing down.