Heidi Eichenauer

HR Coordinator

Heidi has been attending Life Church since 2020, and came on staff in 2021. She was a Church Administrator at a church with a small school and daycare for 8 years. Various positions in finance and healthcare. Retired as the Director of Quality and Human Resources after 15 years at a small hospital in the Tx panhandle.

Favorite Verse: 2 Peter 1:5-7

She is passionate about: “Peanut butter on pancakes – it’s soooo good.”

In her free time she likes to: “Read, travel, meet friends for coffee or lunch”

Special Skills: “I can whistle very loud with my fingers. (most of the time)”

About her family: “Jason Eichenauer – son – National Retail Sales Director for Truvani – works from home, great sense of humor.. Erin – daughter in law – works at HEB and is a track coach for the Royals (home school athletes) – she ran 1221 miles last year. I have 4 grandsons.”

Heidi is a volunteer staff position! She donates all of her time, expertise, wisdom, and amazingness! To say we are grateful is a HUGE understatement! She is a vital and incredible addition to the team!

She can be reached at: