Work Life

What is Work Life?

We believe that God designed us all with and for a purpose and that we should strive for excellence in all that we do, as working for the Lord. The Work Life ministry exists to respond to the challenges we face within the work context, where many of us spend the majority of our time, and to create sharpening relationships that we hope will last a lifetime. We strive to connect, inspire, and empower others with fun, dynamic, and authentic speakers, and networking opportunities. We will provide a dining and networking experience that may just change your outlook on your work life.

Mission & Vision Statements

The mission of the Work Life ministry is to provide a foundation for work as worship through the offering of workshops and a mentorship program that identify and align giftings with purpose while simultaneously presenting the proverb that God has designed us with and for a purpose.

Our vision is to produce godly impact on our society by inspiring faith at work and providing resources and networking opportunities to job seekers and employees, alike, searching for career direction and purpose.

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Additional Resources

The Table Network

Networking isn't just about making sales it's about making relationships. Join a once a month networking lunch where you can grow in your networking, increase your influence, gain peer-mentors, and learn how to foster rich relationships. A catered lunch is provided and plenty of opportunities for connection.

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Austin Bridge Builders Alliance

Emerging Leader InitiativeThe Emerging Leader Initiative is a key component in ABBA’s strategy to connect people with purpose. When asking Christian business executives, "What impacted their leadership development?" one answer rises to the top: personal investment from a high-level leader further down the road. We have crafted a program specifically for leaders with a desire to grow spiritually and professionally. All course tracks are steeped in biblical theology with practical applications that can be applied to new or existing for-profit business, non-profit organizations, civic, Christian ministry opportunities, or brand new businesses.

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Sequoias Coaching & Consulting

So many of us are seeking a way forward through the confusion to achieve our goals but we don’t realize the gap we see can be bridged by what is inside us. Leaders often can use objective guides to help navigate the turmoil of business and life. Now more than ever, having someone come alongside you to help negotiate the nuance of what it means to be a leader is seen as an essential. Sequoias is committed to investing in leaders to find that way forward. We do this by creating awareness that leads to actionable steps that assist in achieving your vision. Sequoias Coaching & Consulting is powered by Five CapitalsFor more information contact local Austin coach, Terry Ishee:

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